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Babies on the Bus

By Karen Katz
Henry Holt & Co.


This book is a delight! Like the illustrations in the rest of Katz’s books, the illustrations in this one are bright and engaging, because combination of the the babies’ faces and the colorful patterns that cover the pages. Babies love to look at babies’ faces, even if the faces are presented in a cartoon style. Of course you must sing this book! I found it refreshing to have a singing book amongst all my son’s other books. Plus, “Wheels on the Bus” is a classic song that your baby will learn, preferably from you.

It’s fourteen pages long, and my 10.5 month old son was able to sit through and pay attention to the whole book. Keep in mind that I’d been reading to him for months by that point. It was an instant hit with both of us.

This book is a great introduction to prepositions, emotions (babies go waah), and sound (motor goes zoom). I also thought it was important to read this story with my baby on my lap so that I could bounce him on my legs This way he could feel what bumpity bump felt like, and I would also lift up my legs when it was time for the babies to get up. Then the next time I read the story, I would have him facing me so he could see me stick out my thumb and say “Move on back!,” and wave bye bye. This book really stimulated his senses with the movements, and singing this book became an uplifting part of my day!

Reviewed by Raquel

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