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Baby Einstein Alphabooks

By Disney Storybook Artists


Oh, how guilty I felt buying these books! I tend to buy a lot of books, which leads me to have buyer’s remorse…a lot! But a teacher friend bought this book set for her son and used them like flash cards when he was a baby. If you have any teacher friends, you have probably noticed that we can be obsessed with educating our babies straight from the womb. I myself, as a former teacher overnighted black and white wrapping paper and taped it on the walls in my living room and bedroom once I learned that high contrast images help develop a baby’s eyesight. But I digress. Immediately after our conversation I felt an overwhelming sense of urgency and bought the book set that very day. I didn’t want my son to miss out on anything so educational.

This is a set of 26 books, one book for each letter, and comes in a cute little box. Each book has three pages of pictures with the words written on the corresponding side.

I soon got over my guilt once I, too, saw how much my 10 month old son loved these books. As he got older he only appreciated these books more. This is a great book set for your child to grow into. Part of the appeal is the small size of these books. They’re just the right size for little hands to practice opening and closing. My son loved turning the pages just as much as he liked having me read to him.

True to Baby Einstein’s style, these books expose your little ones to photographs, impressionist paintings, and cartoon drawings. Honestly, I don’t appreciate all the styles, and I think some of the pictures could be more clear. For the letter R, the picture is of two girls in a canoe on a river. I personally find the picture too confusing with early learners. Other illustrations are dark and muddy, but my son didn’t seem to mind.

These books came with a bonus: they put my son to sleep on quite a few occasions. I read all 26 books and he helped me drop them back into the box one by one. When all the books were in the box there was a sense of completion, and he had no motivation to protest “sleepy time.” This alone was a reason to buy the set!

Reviewed by Raquel

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