1-2 years
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Bear on a Bike

By Stella Blackstone
Barefoot Books


My son was captivated by this book from day one because of the illustrations. They’re colorful and bright and there’s so much detail that we spent much time on each page just talking about what we saw. Also, each illustration is very different, which is why he was so captivated. What I do not like is when illustrations are so similar that there might only be a subtle change. From my experience, both as a teacher and a parent, children crave more visual stimulation to hold their attention especially when they’re so young.

There are four lines per page, which is a lot for a 16-month old to sit through per page, let alone a whole book. But, my son was able to sit for the whole book, because the illustrations are outstanding. And what great practice, my son was learning how to sit for longer books and getting used to hearing longer dialogue.

I suggest spending a lot of time on each page and pointing out details. There’s so much to talk about, so you can vary what you talk about to keep the book fresh. On one page I had Kai find all the bees, and another time I’d point out all the fruit, while another time I’d tell him that the man was smiling because you could see all his teeth and there was so much more on this page alone, but you get the idea. I also highly recommend howling like a fox, snarling like a bobcat, and loosen up a bit and play the flute and sing for the lady on the last page. They’ll love it!

Reviewed by Raquel

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