Please be aware that we attempt to provide fair and kind reviews.  We know that authors and illustrators have worked diligently on their books and are proud of their work, so it is not our aim to destroy their efforts.  We perceive our reviews to be more recommendations, if you will, and within those recommendations we rate books by a five-star system.  Our ratings are determined by factors such as quality of text, illustrations, and physical features, and children’s receptiveness and reactions to the books.  We realize that other’s opinions might differ from ours, however, which is why we encourage and invite our readers to include their kind and fair responses as well in the “comments” section at the end of each review.

Please also be aware that our age recommendations for each book are subjective and flexible.  The age recommendations are just that–recommendations and  guidelines to help our readers choose the most age-appropriate books for their children.   We  recognize that our age recommendations most likely will not apply to children with special needs or children who are learning English as a second language.  We realize that all children develop at different paces, so we encourage you to choose books based on your child’s needs that you know best.