Our Vision

W e are passionate about  providing you with valuable literary resources to enrichen your story time with your little(s).  Why do we care so much?  Simply, we love literature and know that the younger our children are exposed to it, the better! As educators, we have seen the difference between students who regularly read at home, and those who do not.  We know the doors of opportunity that will open to children who have a strong literary foundation.  We know how much more children struggle in all of their subjects when reading does not come second nature to them.  We also know how much more work it is for a teacher when he/she has to fill in the literary gaps in the classroom. We’ve witnessed countless times how a love of reading builds children’s language skills and lexicons, encourages them to make various text connections, teaches them valuable lessons and morals, fosters a love of nature, and strengthens family bonding time as caretakers read with their children.  Finally, as parents, we know that besides the many ways books dramatically help a child succeed and excel, there are few things more fulfilling than to see your child simply enjoy a book just for the pure pleasure of it. This is a joy and a love we want to pass on!  

Our dream and vision for the future is to provide tools for educators in English and Spanish for professional development purposes and to help build literacy and promote multilingualism in the U.S and Latin America (well, everywhere really!). I truly believe that education begins with reading, and education is one key to allowing a nation to progress from third world to first world.  We hope and pray that one book at a time, and one child at a time, we can make a difference!