What Is Literate Littles?

W e are a site dedicated to providing book reviews, educational resources, and literacy articles to the discerning, conscientious, and proactive parent, caretaker, and educator of infants and young children.  From lesser-knowns to better-knowns, and from Katz to Carle, our reviews aim to be fair, judicious but kind, pragmatic, personable, and professional. We endeavor to be more analytical and comprehensive than the customer reviews found on other websites. Our articles provide essential tips, facts, and helpful anecdotes to assist you in guiding your little learner(s) on a successful literary path.  Our friendly and down-to-earth approach efficiently guides parents in using the best practices for introducing literature. As educators, parents, and critical consumers, we are confident that you will find our resources to be reliable, user-friendly, and helpful.  Overwhelmed with book choices?  Don’t know where to start?  Find other reviews questionable?  Need a little guidance with how to read to your child?  Looking for fun, hands-on activities to support young children’s literature? Simplify your search and let us be your first stopping place to find the information and support you need.  We are passionate about encouraging parents to foster a love of literature in their littles from early infancy into the early childhood years.  We are here to help!