Freight Train

I confess. I bought this book because it was only a few dollars at TJ Maxx, and I also noticed that this book received an award. But I was apprehensive because it looked like such a boring book.

Goodnight Gorilla

“Good night”, I gruffled. This was my son’s favorite page. This is really a wonderful story with hardly any text, which gives you the flexibility to make the story your own.

Bear on a Bike

My son was captivated by this book from day one because of the illustrations. They’re colorful and bright and there’s so much detail that we spent much time on each page just talking about what we saw.

¿Donde esta el ombliguito?

¿Donde esta el ombliguito? introduces infants and toddlers to body part vocabulary, as well as to the prepositions, detras (behind) and debajo (under) using fun illustrations, vibrant colors and [...]

Goodnight Moon

While in college I babysat two sisters, and was introduced to this book. I would dread it when they would request this book. The book seemed awfully long and the illustrations were ugly….who has [...]