Dr. Seuss’s Oh, Baby! Go, Baby!

So does this book achieve the irresistibility-factor? As an infant, my son loved this book, especially the very first page which features a baby and a balloon that moves with a pull tab.

Zoom, Zoom, Baby

This is a fantastic book and one of my favorites for several reasons.I felt as though every time I read this book to my baby he was getting smarter- really!

Goodnight Moon

While in college I babysat two sisters, and was introduced to this book. I would dread it when they would request this book. The book seemed awfully long and the illustrations were ugly….who has [...]


Olivier Dunrea is brilliant. Really! The first two pages are almost the exact same picture of an egg nestled in hay, with the words “This is Ollie. Ollie is waiting”.


This book has been a delight, and it’s on its way to becoming a treasure as well.. I chose this book on a whim from the library, and my son loved it from the very first page.