Babies on the Bus

This book is a delight! Like the illustrations in the rest of Katz’s books, the illustrations in this one are bright and engaging, because combination of the the babies’ faces and the colorful [...]

Baby Faces

Babies love to look at faces, and this is a great book to let your baby engage in this intellectual activity. The pages are small in size, which makes it easier for your baby to see and study the [...]

I Love You Through and Through

I’ll admit, what sold me on this book was the line, “I love your top side. I love your bottom side,” accompanied with an illustration of a baby bending over and peeking upside down through his [...]


This book has been a delight, and it’s on its way to becoming a treasure as well.. I chose this book on a whim from the library, and my son loved it from the very first page.