Freight Train

I confess. I bought this book because it was only a few dollars at TJ Maxx, and I also noticed that this book received an award. But I was apprehensive because it looked like such a boring book.

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks

When I first looked at this book I was disappointed. There is no story, just short descriptions of each vehicle: “a mouse in a racing car” or “three bugs in a green-leaf car”. I thought, “How am [...]

Chugga-Chugga Choo Choo

I love this book more than my son does. This book was in heavy rotation for a few weeks and then tapered off to zero interest for some reason. Sometimes I would gently suggest reading it and he [...]

Fire Engine Touch and Feel

Every child needs a fire truck book, right? Although this was not a favorite book, my son did like this book a lot, especially as fire trucks became more meaningful to him.

Noisy Trucks

What makes this book so great? This book held my son’s interest from when he was about 11 months old to 2 years old. It’s a simple book featuring 5 trucks, but the best part is you press a button [...]

Baby Touch and Feel- Things That Go

Each page of this book features a singular picture of a different mode of transportation and different texture. The pictures are photographs of different toys, such as a toy train and boat. The [...]

Baby Touch and Feel – Things That Go

This is a great starter book for an infant. I started reading to my son when he was about two months old; of course at that age, he couldn’t physically “touch and feel” any book, but he would [...]