Dr. Seuss’s Oh, Baby! Go, Baby!

So does this book achieve the irresistibility-factor? As an infant, my son loved this book, especially the very first page which features a baby and a balloon that moves with a pull tab.

Little Mouse and Mommy

The question and answer repetition is wonderful for reinforcing language, and the short and simple animal descriptions are a good way to elicit conversation with your little one.

Fire Engine Touch and Feel

Every child needs a fire truck book, right? Although this was not a favorite book, my son did like this book a lot, especially as fire trucks became more meaningful to him.

Zoom, Zoom, Baby

This is a fantastic book and one of my favorites for several reasons.I felt as though every time I read this book to my baby he was getting smarter- really!

Noisy Trucks

What makes this book so great? This book held my son’s interest from when he was about 11 months old to 2 years old. It’s a simple book featuring 5 trucks, but the best part is you press a button [...]

Baby Touch and Feel- Things That Go

Each page of this book features a singular picture of a different mode of transportation and different texture. The pictures are photographs of different toys, such as a toy train and boat. The [...]

Baby Touch and Feel – Things That Go

This is a great starter book for an infant. I started reading to my son when he was about two months old; of course at that age, he couldn’t physically “touch and feel” any book, but he would [...]